Beginning the Landscape

This is a picture of part of the layout as it is today. As you can see, the track is laid but only part of it is ballasted, some of the scenery is formed (with some of it plastered). Yes, this is only a corner of the layout, but then it’s only 7′ long and 2′ deep and we will get it finished in time!



Author: Simon Wood

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  1. I hadn’t thought to use raw polystyrene as a snowscene! It’s supposed to be modelled as being July… It’s looking a bit different now – I shall post some more pictures as soon as I have time, Danny. Interestingly, the companion layout, about which I shall also blog as soon as I get a moment, was originally modelled in a winter setting. One of the tasks we have is to re-weather it into a sunny summer day! It is will be called Craigellachie Brickworks.

    The gauge is the same as N – nine millimeters between the rails, but the scale is the same as 00 – 4mm to the foot. This equates to 2’3″ gauge; it’s a convenient way of modelling narrow gauge since you can use chassis from N gauge stock and utilise 4mm scale scenic kits and accessories. And although 2’3″ is a relatively unusual gauge (with the celebrated Talyllyn and also the Corris Railways being the only Welsh examples I know of in a country bursting with narrow gauge lines) it was used by one of the few Scottish NG lines: the Campbeltown and Machrihanish railway. There is in fact no narrow gauge prototype for Dufftown, so I shall use modeller’s licence to declare that the Glen Fiddich Railway too is 2′ 3″ gauge.

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