Out of Time!

There are several bits that, due to lack of time (it’s being spent on last minute modelling rather than writing about it) haven’t appeared here.  The burn has been… begun; there are arches under the embankment; temporary distillery buildings; and yet more scenic work.  Alan Gosling’s superb malt kiln and viaduct are now on the layout, ready to be viewed at Patcham Community Centre and as something to look forward to, though there won’t be time to post them until the show is over, photos of these will appear here early next week…

Author: Simon Wood

Lecturer in medical education, lapsed mathematician, Doctor Who fan and garden railway builder. See simonwood.info for more...

3 thoughts on “Out of Time!”

  1. Saw the layout at the 2008 and very impressed – all the more so when I found out how much had been achieved in a short time. Thank you to the operators who gave me their time in describing Dufftown.

    The website is very good too. I like the presentation of works in progress.

    Well done all.

  2. Thank you, Andrew! It was good to chat. I can’t promise to keep up the same rate of progress, but we’ve still got plenty to do and it’ll be posted here as we do it.

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